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Benefits &

“I would like to host a fundraiser, but I’ve never done this before. Can you help me?”


We would love to help you.  


115 Bourbon Street is proud to have served over 500 local families in raising the money needed to pay their medical and living expenses in their time of need.


115 Bourbon Street is a resource for the community, whether it is a family or organization. We recognize that organizations are struggling more now than ever before when it comes to raising the funds required to provide the services that our community and others need.


Allow 115 Bourbon Street to help plan your event. Our fundraiser coordinators and staff take pride in helping local communities organize events which will help them to support their services, people, and purpose. Whether you anticipate 100 or 2,000 guests, our venue has the proper space to accommodate your event.

For additional information contact Christina, our Benefits and Fundraisers Coordinator at 

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